How to Keep Your Conservatory Secure

How to Keep Your Conservatory SecureThere is a widely held misconception that a conservatory (or other glazed extension) will never be as secure as the rest of a home. Perhaps that might once have been the case, but if you’re planning on constructing a conservatory today, there are numerous ways to make certain sure that it’s absolutely safe as houses.... Read More »

Do We Need Planning Permission For A Conservatory?

Do We Need Planning Permission For A Conservatory?No in most cases is the resounding answer. And even if it is required, you don’t need to worry. One of the many excellent reasons for choosing Coastline Windows & Conservatories is that we will be delighted to give you advice about Planning Permission and Building Regulations. Even if planning permission is required, we will... Read More »

Why Choose A Conservatory?

Why Choose A Conservatory?The answer to this question is different for different people. For some, a conservatory is a haven of peace and relaxation, whilst for others it is the noisy heart of their home – an important living space where the family gather to chat about the events of the day. The important thing to remember is... Read More »